A Natural Way to Stress Relief – Soothing Your Solar Plexus - Basic Knead by Michelle Ebbin
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A Natural Way to Stress Relief – Soothing Your Solar Plexus

In this day and age, who isn’t anxious once in a while? It’s a chaotic world, and it is often hard to let go of the day’s problems and really relax. Unfortunately this is very damaging to our entire system. Most doctors agree that over seventy-five percent of our health problems today can be linked to stress and tension. When we fail to manage stress, our body’s defense mechanism begins to break down, making us more susceptible to illness and disease. Physicians often point to anxiety and stress as the main source of many sexual problems, as well a whole slew of associated discomforts (like headaches, high blood pressure, depression, and ulcers).

In addition to deep breathing and turning to meditation as a way of relieving anxiety, reflexology is extremely effective for calming and balancing the nervous system. It can help you let go of tension and soothe your mind. Reflexology is a drug-free coping mechanism for stress and a way to get in touch with what’s happening on the inside.

For a quick route to stress relief, stimulate the reflex area to the SOLAR PLEXUS, which is considered the “nerve switchboard of the body.”

The reflex area to the solar plexus is located on both feet, in the center of the foot just beneath the diaphragm line.  This is a great starting point to relax yourself or your partner. Press the solar plexus point for twenty to thirty seconds to balance your nervous system and begin the process of reestablishing inner calm. Repeat this several times on each foot.

What is it? The SOLAR PLEXUS is a network of nerves, located behind the stomach and in front of the diaphragm, which sends energy impulses to the upper middle part of the abdomen. Its purpose is to help balance the sympathetic nervous system, regulate the functions of the organs, and restore calm. The solar plexus has been called the abdominal brain because it influences the nerves in the abdomen. It’s often affected by stress, anger, and depression.

How can reflexology help?

Stimulating the reflex to the solar plexus can relax the entire body and bring overall stress relief. It also promotes better, deeper breathing, and relieves the discomfort of allergies, asthma, and even acne.

Located in the center of the body, the solar plexus reflex point is also the center of the third chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra, which relates to your personal power. This chakra is where the personality is formed. Stimulate this area to better express your individuality and strength.

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